5 Great Reasons To See Massachusetts

We can all agree that many states across America have their own vibe and attraction that make them sparkle and shine in a different way from each other. Boston, Massachusetts is no exception with a bunch of amazing destinations and facts that any traveler worth his salt would enjoy checking. What are these things that make Boston a great place to check out? We list down a few to get you curious about this exciting place.
Boston Marathon
To those who have an active lifestyle and are keen on traveling the world for sports and fitness, signing up for the Boston Marathon is definitely a rewarding experience. The 26.2-mile course is one of the world’s biggest annual contest marathons. What makes joining this one for your books? It is known to host a lot of firsts: Roberta Gibb was the first female finisher when women weren’t initially allowed; it was the first to sponsor the wheelchair division; next to the Super Bowl, it is the second largest single-day sporting event and one of the most-viewed globally; and it has raised millions for charity programs.
Filled with Firsts
As any tourist knows, a place with the first of any big monument or place easily becomes a historic landmark. Lucky for Boston, many firsts were opened and/or created on its very land. Construction of the first public park (Boston Common, 1634), the first public school (Boston Latin, 1635), and even the first subway system in the nation (Tremont Street Subway, 1987).
Boston Green
Despite being a busy city, past architects and landscapers were able to preserve a large patch of nature called the Emerald Necklace, a string of natural soil and park circling around the area. All the Boston neighborhoods provide locals and visitors spaces where clean air and nature can be enjoyed. Imagine, a sizeable patch of green right there within the city confines.
Church of the Nativity
One of the world's most-visited pilgrimage sites and the reason for going on a Holy Land tour is the Church of the Nativity, believed to be the location where the Child Jesus was born. The history of the church’s construction was authorized by Emperor Constantine dating back to the 326 CE and underwent several reconstructions.
An Artistic Bay
Do you want culture and arts? Boston is a great place to get both of these. Many well-known institutions like the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Huntington Theatre Company, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. All of them help nurture the spirit of artistry and creativity in this ever-bustling city and make for interesting places to check out as well.
St. Patrick’s Day
With over 100 parades widely celebrated during St. Patrick’s Day in Boston and New York, there’s no better authentic way to get a feel of the world’s oldest civilian and one of the United States’ largest parade.