April Must-try's

April - that time of the year where everything is alive and bursting in colors and wonder. Whether you’re after the colorful fields under the sunny sky, or the cool surroundings of the ice-melting mountaintops and enjoying tasty delights of the season, we’ve got you covered with our April list.
Where To Go
  • Crete, Greece. Weather-wise, late spring is the best time to visit Crete, one of the world’s favorite beach destinations. With April being the shoulder season, without the holiday crowd and the harsh summer heat, you’d wanna head to the quaint villages, unspoiled beaches, or go on scenic mountain drives.
  • Cuba. With the long days, dry weather, and daytime temperature averaging at 19-29C, Cuba undoubtedly makes for a great Carribean getaway. The official summer season starts in June, thus the slowly warming weather and absence of holiday traffic gives you a convenient time frame to enjoy this chill destination.
  • Venice, Italy. Summer begins in early June, which makes April, with its pleasant weather, a perfect time to stroll around the town among the bridges and pretty canals without the big, busy crowd.
  • Zermatt. If you wanna enjoy somewhere that’s still ice-cool but not as chilly as the winter season (and with the warm sun gracing patios and terraces in cafes), head up to the ski resorts up in the mountains.
What To Do
  • Join the Songkran Festival in Thailand (April 13-15)
  • Celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands (April 27)
  • Immerse yourself at Coachella in California (April 12-21)
  • Take part in Earth Day, Worldwide (April 22)
What To Eat
  • Fruits: banana, apricot, kiwi fruit
  • Vegetables: cabbage, cauliflower, purple sprouting broccoli, potato, spinach, sorrel, rhubarb, celeriac, watercress, radicchio, pak choi
  • Meat: chicken, lamb, beef
  • Seafood: cod, crab, salmon, oyster, pork, halibut