Country of the Week: Peru

Peru is a South American country that holds many interesting destinations and features for travelers to enjoy. From lively rainforests to history-filled ruins preserved through the decades. There's a lot to be said about a trip to this enticing destination.
Let's look a little deeper and explore some of the symbols and items that help build up the culture that it holds even today.
Other title(s): República del Perú
Continent: South America
Capital: Lima
Most populous city:: Arequipa
Current political leader: President: Martín Vizcarra, assisted by the president of the Council of Ministers (prime minister): Mercedes Aráoz
Currency: nuevo sol (S/.)
Language(s): Spanish; Quechua (locally); Aymara (locally)
National Costume: Colorful and bright ponchos, layered skirts, tunics, sombreros, chullos, and other native clothing pieces
Major Religion(s): Catholic, Protestant
Famous landmarks: Lima, Museo Larco, Cusco, Cusco Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, Rainbow Mountain, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Peruvian Amazon
National Symbol: Animal: Vicuña; Bird: Andean Cock-of-the-Rock; Coat of Arms: The shield is divided into three sections, the upper left with a vincuna (national animal), the upper right with a cinchona tree, and the bottom with a cornucopia filled with coins. At the top is a holm oak wreath symbolizing victory and glory
Movies filmed in Morocco: The Motorcycle Diaries, Anaconda, Mancora, Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Eith Hundred Leagues Down the Amazon
Famous people: Sofia Mulanovich, Paolo Guerrero, Alex Acuña, María Julia Mantilla, Susana Baca
Climate: With varied altitudes in this vast country, climate can be in extremes. On the coast, it's either sunny and scorching hot or damp and gloomy on winter which lasts from June to September. During these months it gets sunny at daytime and cool at night in the mountains, while rainy season begins in September until March and heaviest rainfalls during the months of December to April.
Popular festivals: Anniversary of the Foundation of Lima, National Contest of Marinera, Virgin of the Candelaria, Celebration: Carnival, Black Summer Festival, Pisco Sour Day, Vendimia Festival, National Competition Paso Horse, Celebration of the Lord of Muruhuay, Feast of Our Lady of Chapi, Feast of San Juan, Fiestas Patrias, Day of the Creole Song