Destination Feature: Antipolo

Only an hour away from Metro Manila, Antipolo is an interesting destination for people who will be staying in the capital for a while. Even if it’s far from the urban landscape, there are many things to see and do.
Antipolo Cathedral. Exploring this simplistic but beautiful church is a must. Legend has it that the idol of the Virgin Mary housed in this church grants safe travels to those who pray to it. Its stained glass windows, round design, and the mini-museum beside it make it a must-see.

Hinulugang Taktak Falls.The natural falls accommodate people of all ages, with an upper viewing deck that has an elevator and a large deck at the bottom with a pool for large groups. Once polluted, the locals made it their mission to clean up the garbage on and under the waters of this forest.

Pinto Art Museum. This destination is a beautiful house of visual delight, both in the works of art and the surrounding architecture and garden. The museum has a monthly rotation of works being sold while some parts house permanent installations from the original Saling Pusa art group.

Crescent Moon Cafe. It’s eco-friendly, surrounded by nature, and full of vibrant decorations. There are all kinds of delicious meals like Chicken Tom Yum and stuffed Alagao leaves with ingredients grown nearby. If you love the plates they use in-store, you can buy ones made from the nearby ceramic workshop.

At the end of your tour, head to the Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa for a relaxing treat to cap off a day of exploration and excitement. A nice massage or a good scrub is just what you’ll need to continue your Philippine journey with a light heart and a relaxed body. Until next time, enjoy your travels.