First-time Portugal Travelers Guide

Portugal is a charming country that is worth a visit at least once in your lifetime. But as with all first-time journeys, it can be difficult to grasp traveling somewhere you haven’t been before. This is especially true if you have nobody to reference a travel experience from and have to feel your way around these things. Lucky for you, this list of tips might help you figure out how your Portugal travels might go before even setting off on an exciting journey.
Time it right
Time and distance are an important factor for any trip with a well-planned itinerary, but this is especially the case for a place like this. Don’t try to stuff too many destinations in a single day and instead try to spend a good chunk of time exploring one attraction after the other. Give yourself time to actually enjoy your vacation instead of trying to see too many things at once.
Money can matter
Credit cards are still quite useful when traveling to Portugal, but smaller establishments might not be able to accept the cards you give them. It’s always a good idea to have some of the local currency oh hand so you’ll be ready to pay for anything that comes your way. International airports will often have ATMs you can withdraw Euros directly from your bank account.
Forgot to bring something important to a major tourist destination like Lisbon? Sometimes luggage restrictions or your own forgetfulness may cause you to leave behind something you need, but that’s okay! Aside from medicine, you can buy almost anything there at a bumped price. But prepare properly before entering rural areas because they have limited stocks there.
Foodtrip facts
Did the waiters set our plates of olives, cheese, meat slices, or bread at your table after ordering a meal? Unless they’re part of the meal you ordered, it’s best not to touch them as you’ll need to pay for them ASIDE from the meal you originally ordered. You might notice a lot of the dishes lack vegetables in them as well. That’s because the greens are usually served in soup first.
Explorers galore
Want to maximize the excitement of your trip to Portugal, well why not schedule your visit on a special event? Each town, city, and village has its own special festival dedicated to a saint or food throughout the year. This especially the case during the summertime. Some museums and monuments also have special deals where the entrance is free on Sunday mornings too.
That's just some of the great tips you can carry with you on your Portugal trip. Keep these great tips with you and make that first step into that region of European the most memorable one you’ve ever had.