Global News: Protecting the Earth in Alphabetical Order, Tips from Female Travelers, and more!

Protecting the Earth in Alphabetical Order
We all know are ABC’s. But they can do more than help us learn how to spell and speak? Sometimes listing things down in alphabetical order help keep things organized and easy to remember. An A-Z guide to help protect the environment during your travels may seem daunting, but it makes it a lot easier and more fun to keep in mind when you're on the go.
Feisty Female Adventurers Share some Advice
For women everywhere, traveling solo has become a big trend in the tourism world in recent times. With this in mind, seasoned female travelers want to help their travel sisters by giving some of their experienced advice and tips so that their future journeys are a lot smoother than theirs. With so many dangers afoot, it helps to know you’ve got the know-how from your fellow lady adventurers.
Quest for Color: Travel Across the US & Canada
Ever wanted to be paid travel across the US and Canada in pursuit of a unique new color? Behr Paint is looking for “color explorers” to help them discover new colors inspired by their journeys across these vibrant destinations. Are you up to the challenge of exploring the world and bringing more beautiful shades to the public?
Travel Talk with Barack
In a recent chat with former president Barack Obama, he looks fondly back on his past experiences with adventures and travels of all kinds during his lifetime. Barack recounts how his experiences have shaped him into the person he is today and how travel can help mold people of all walks and help them find their place in this world.