Global News: Sustainable Tourism Awards, Budget-friendly Beaches in Europe, and more!

Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2019
One of today’s popular (and by far, smartest) travel trends is sustainable travels. The World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Global Summit in Seville recognized some of the world’s most sustainable travel groups for their efforts in contributing not only to a better travel experience but most of all in social and environmental aspects. Categories include changemaker award, social impact award, investing in people award, destination stewardship category which includes the Philippines’ very own Masunji Georeserve.
Budget-friendly Beach Destinations in Europe
Spring has burst back into life with its spellbinding beauty of colors and sounds along with warmer weather. But while all this is happening, our mind races towards the thought of the summer season - the glorious sun, warm sand, and inviting cool waters of the beaches. Europe is undeniably one of the worlds’ the most picturesque spring destinations, but its shores also make for a grand summer getaway. See where you can splashing under the sun with this continent’s budget-friendly beach holidays.
Japan in Bloom
It’s officially springtime and nature has sprung back to life across the world. Apart from the majestic tulip fields of Amsterdam, California’s lovely poppies, Asia’s iconic cherry blossoms are drawing in nature lovers from all walks of life. If a single picture can speak a thousand words, these shots will leave your jaw-dropping at its magical beauty.
Underrated Myanmar Spots You Should See
Is Myanmar among your must-visit places on your bucket list? While it may not be the first country to pop into mind when you think of going on a journey across Southeast Asia, this country is packed with fascinating things - from untouched wonders and marvelous temples to pulsating markets, rich culture, and warm locals, that will surely have you either staying longer or returning for more discoveries and adventures!