Historic Gem of Peru: Machu Picchu

The South American country of Peru has its share of distinct culture and attractions, but none are as famous as the landmark of Peruvian history: Machu Picchu. This historic landmark of generations past is a testament to the architectural ingenuity even at the time. This world-famous archeological site is often covered in mist and vegetation, giving this citadel its aged look despite its sturdy construction. It’s such an amazing monument to the advanced thinking of such a supposedly primitive tribe.
Based on studies made on the site, Machu Picchu has been identified as a citadel of the early Peruvian kingdom established. It is a series of buildings, platforms and even plazas connected to each other via narrow lanes. The construction method is stunning as well, being a building made of well-carved bricks by people who had no access to mortar paste. The building materials were stuck together so well that it is said not even a small blade could penetrate the cracks between them.
From ceramic items to slave skeletons, there are a number of different items left over that allowed scientists to simulate what life was like in this city of the past. But while many of these artifacts can give us a glimpse of what life was like for the natives, there have been no items that tell the full story of life within these primitive yet sturdy walls.