Tasty Travel: Ceviche, Peru

Ever hear of Ceviche (sa-VEE-chay)? This Latin American dish is quite peculiar in that it is not quite raw, but not quite cooked either. This national dish is a famed delicacy for both locals and travelers alike and is even considered a culinary treasure.
But what even is in Ceviche? In its most basic form, it’s fish that has been marinated in lime or lemon juice. Because of the acidity of the citrus extract, there is an interesting chemical reaction where the protein inside of the fish is broken down and replicates the process of heating the meat. All of the harmful bacteria inside the fish is killed, meaning the meat has ‘cooked’. Onions, cilantro, and avocados are added to the mix to further accentuate the flavors.
Like many national dishes, variations of the fish and ingredients used exist across the land. Typically, the dish is made of flounder or sea bass, but shrimp can be used in Ecuador. The dish is also served with corn nuts as well. In Chile, grapefruit juice is used instead of the typical citrus one. Its diversity, flavor, and ease of creation make it quite popular as a must-try dish, so make sure you get yourself a bowl of the authentic stuff when traveling to Peru.