Tasty Travels: Banh Mi, Vietnam

A sandwich is a fun way to put a lot of delicious foods into one tasty meal item. The basic formula of any sandwich is two bread items you can use to press a combination of ingredients in-between them. While it has always been recognized as a Western invention, but there are many eastern-borne sandwich styles, like Vietnam’s Banh Mi dish.
In its default form, the Bahn Mi sandwich is a simple Vietnamese baguette sliced open and stuffed with pickled vegetables, spices, herbs, and grilled meats. The creation of this iconic Vietnamese meal started during the French colonization period when several things like coffee, the Roman alphabet, Europe-styled prisons, and, of course, crispy baguettes. With that bread being introduced to the culture, it wouldn’t be long till the locals would give it a Vietnamese twist.
Vietnamese chefs have always aimed to balance “hot” flavors with “cold”, mixing and matching different tastes to create food that is both healthy and hard to resist. The flaky bread is the first thing you’ll taste, very mild and boring all on its own, but then as you continue deeper into the sandwich, you’re introduced to a delectable spiciness, rich pork cuts, flavorful mayonnaise, cilantro, and all kinds of pickled cucumbers, radishes, and carrots. With all that said, Bahn Mi is definitely a dish you have to try for yourself to truly understand its distinct flavors.