Tasty Travels: Boston Cream Pie, USA

The Bay State’s ‘Beanland’, a nickname for Boston, is a place of many fun and exciting things. It’s a place of many firsts (like the first public beach) and eco-spaces (like greenways). Another thing Boston has? A sweet treat that’s named after it.
Boston Cream Pie is an odd name for this dessert since it's more of a cake than any kind of pie. Its two slices of yellow sponge with vanilla custard filling in the middle. On top, a tasty chocolate ganache frosting is poured over it. This creates a deliciously harmonious symphony of sugar and sweetness.
Where did this delectable treat come from though? Origin stories point to this treat’s birthplace being the Omni Parker House, but no full story has ever been procured about the inspiration behind its creation. The name Boston Cream Pie, however, may come from the fact that ‘pie’ is an old English word for various pastries, including cakes. ‘Boston’ and ‘cream’ are a little more on the nose with their place in the title. No matter where it came from or whether it is a pie or cake, no one can deny this delectable treat is something you’ll want to try! If you’re traveling to Boston, get an authentic slice of this tantalizing taste sensation of a baked good.