Global News: American's Summer Travel Plans, Goals for Eco-friendly Travels, and more!

High number of American’s have Summer Travel Plans
Thinking of sticking home for your summer vacation? Seems like you won’t be a part of the large percentage of Americans who aim to take their vacation on the go this summer. Based on a poll, it seems like a sizable number of US citizens have decided that staying at home for the entirety of the season is not an option for them.
Summer Go-To for 2019
Summer is almost here and everybody can’t wait to explore the great outdoors. Time to revamp your must-visit list with these top picks by CNN that’s sure to rock your summer fun experience whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, lover of the outdoors, or one who simply enjoys urban escapes.
What to pack: Philippines
The climate of the Philippine archipelago can be tricky to predict. While it gets bright and sunny during the daytime, rains tend to shower in the late afternoon or evening. Make sure that when visiting the country - whether it’s galavanting in the metro or whisking away in one of its islands, being prepared and packing the top essentials will surely make your island experience more convenient, fun, and memorable!
Plastic No More: Goals for Eco-friendly Travels
In today’s world of modern tourism and quick travels, keeping journeys eco-friendly can be difficult to keep in check. The Travel Corporation aims to help eliminate this problem by converting all of the plastics used in their tours and cruises into earth-friendly alternatives. From plastic water bottles to the gloves used in food prep, plastic will soon be no more.