#MangoToursTakesYouThere Travel with Content Creators: Time for Taiwan

Taiwan is a destination known to delight every kind of traveler with its many awe-inspiring wonders. Witness as Mango Tours and a group of talented content creators unfolds some of the most fascinating sights, culture, and history.
Uncover the charm of Sun Moon Lake through a boat ride with picturesque views of nature and temples. Stay at The Lalu Hotel, a 5-star Nantou accommodation, with stunning views of the lake amidst its spacious rooms, offering an air of elegance and relaxation.

Get a better taste of your destination through a fresh cup of tea you made yourself at the Hugosum Black Tea Garden. Straight from harvest, ferment the tea buds by rolling them in your bare hands to release nutrients. Finally, dry them in a fan oven to remove any excess moisture and stabilize the flavor.

Learn the fun way of Sun Cake-making in Taichung by baking your own sun moon cake. This local dessert is one of the most popular pastries that has become a widespread favorite to both locals and tourists alike.

Thousands of ancient and priceless Chinese artifacts which date back to the 6th century BC are preserved in the historical National Palace Museum. One should not miss tours that showcase the unbelievable artistry of the bygone era.

A former gold mining town that's an hour-long drive from Taipei, Jiufen is now a famous tourist site. This area was once an isolated village until the Japanese occupied it in 1893. Now it offers captivating mountain and coastal views, tea houses, and souvenir shops.

The Rainbow Village in Taichung, created by a former soldier Huang Yung-Fu, is one of the most eye-catching places in Taiwan. His colorful, vibrant artworks make it a picture-perfect family-friendly attraction.

On to the next leg of our content creators tour, head over to an up-and-coming Southeast Asian destination. Don't miss the exciting tropical adventure to come. Until next time, enjoy your travels!