Tasty Travels: Cheese Fondue, Switzerland

Who doesn’t like a cheesy dish? Unless you’re lactose intolerant, you definitely need to give these delicious dairy products a try. One particular cheese you must taste is cheese fondue, deliciously creamy cheese heated over a fire and made for dipping.
Originating from Switzerland, a place known for its beautiful landscapes and delicious dairy products like milk. That fact alone is enough reason for them to be recognized for their high-quality cheeses (even having one named specifically after it: Swiss cheese). But one particularly cheese dish is famous for being a literal melting pot of flavors.
The recipe is simple enough: melting cheese in a special pot to create a tasty pool of dippable goodness. A variety of items can be dipped in that gooey, stretchy cheese. From steamed vegetables to cubed bread, adding an extra layer of flavor by dipping it into a pot of yummy melted dairy is a must-try food venture you can’t pass up!
Cheese fondue is known to be culturally Swiss, but where did it originate from? While there isn’t a defined storyline as to how it was conceived, there are many theories as to how it first came to be. Some people say it was a method peasants devised to use the leftover bread and cheese they had accumulated. Others say, it went as far back as Homer’s Iliad, mentioned as a mixture of goat cheese, wine, and flour. No matter what the story, though, its undeniable that this dish is a tasty mix of wine, cheese, and all manner of dipping delights that will warm you up inside.