Tasty Travels: Chicken-Fried Steak, Texas

Ever wondered what the state of Texas TASTES like? Many people would probably agree that the spirit of the Lone Star State can be found inside this particular dish that was born there and is considered a classic in American cuisine-- Chicken-fried Steak. It embodies a multitude of things that make Texas so great: its large size, it’s flavorful content, and it’s the ability to satisfy both locals and travelers alike.
This dish is basically a slab of tenderized steak that’s been thoroughly covered with seasoned flour then pan fried to perfection. The crispy golden brown treasure is often paired with mashed potatoes, fried okra, and black-eyed peas. The crispy cover, barely sticks to the meat, giving diners the delight of experiencing two different parts combined into one with every bite they take. It’s a tango of flavors as the spiced breading goes toe to toe with the soft and juicy meat within.
As with many worldly dishes, the true origin story of this favorite food is lost in time. Some say it was based off and related to the Austrian and German immigrant’s Wiener Schnitzel, a similarly batter-dipped fried food. Another story claims that Lamesa, found in the Southern Texas plains, is the true birthplace of the dish. No matter where it comes from, the dish is definitely a mouth-watering delight that deserves your attention if you ever travel to this large state!