Tasty Travels: Fish Curry with Coconut Milk, Seychelles

Curry is a tasty dish you can eat on its own or with other foods like bread or rice. In the country of archipelago of Seychelles, they have their own seafood version with a local ingredient that gives it its own unique flavor.
Fish is a typical commodity in the isles and is often used in a wide variety of dishes, but out of all the dishes, fish curry is a recurring meal choice. It even mixes Indian, Chinese, and French influences in the spices and ingredients used. It is popular for eating during lunch and dinner and is so popular that you’ll find it served in all manner of villas, restaurants, and hotels around there.
It’s basic form is made of fish cut in chunks (usually red snapper), chopped onions, chopped garlic, crushed garlic, and many other little flavoring items. One of the most important ingredients to add is coconut milk, which gives the entire dish a rich and creamy flavor and can add a bit to the thickness of the meal. This texture and the different ingredients combine together to form a taste sensation that really captures the feel of this tropical collection of islands.