Tasty Travels: Kina, New Zealand

For island countries, the sea is a boundless bounty of sustenance and culinary delights. New Zealand itself has a love for the savory, water-harvested flavors from mother nature’s seas. One of the well-loved ocean dishes is Kina.
Simply said, Kina is sea urchin, which is plentiful in New Zealand’s waters. Inside of the creature’s spiky shell, there is roe that is considered a top food item the world over. The shell is simply split/sliced open and the delicious orange delicacy inside. This food has been around for centuries and is a part of the culture there already.
The sea urchins in the clean waters of New Zealand are a favored commodity and are prized the world over. Local fish markets sell the urchin fresh in the shell or already extracted into small tubs for easier extraction. The flavor of the dish is described as briny and with a slightly grainy yet creamy texture. Don’t just suddenly jump into eating sea urchin and take it slowly to truly savor the feel and flavor of this bounty of the sea.