Tasty Travels: Satay, Indonesia

Skewers are a popular choice of food for the traveler on the go because of how compact yet delicious they can be. From vegetables to a variety of meats, there are so many different combinations you can put on a stick and fry over a grill before enjoying a tasty meal you can carry with you. For this week, we look into satay, skewers local to Indonesia.
The dish is simply different types of meat skewered on a bamboo stick then grilled to juicy perfection. During its preparation, a mixture of turmeric and other ingredients are marinated into it before it is thoroughly cooked. When it is served, sauces often accompany it (commonly sate or peanut sauce).
The dish has been said to originate from Java, an island of Indonesia. Because it has been influenced by cuisines from Malaysia, Thailand, and, of course, Indonesia, this dish has a very Southeast Asian flair to it. Because of their proximity to the island and the height of seafaring trades at the time, this delicious dish easily spread across Indonesia’s neighboring countries. Now places like the Philippines, Singapore, East Timor, and Brunei have their own versions of this loved Indonesian skewers, but the original Indonesian one will always taste distinct to its homeland.