World Costumes: Batik and Kebaya of Indonesia

Given its diverse culture, Indonesia is known to have a variety of traditional attires. However, across this beautiful Southeast Asian country, the majority of its national attire is distinguished by the use of batik and kebaya.
Batik, a fabric popular for its intricate prints achieved through a distinct dyeing method. The design and material of this garment vary from one locale to another. Generally used by men and women as a wrap-around. The use of batik has become prevalent in the modern scene.
Usually made from silk or same sheer-like fabric, the kebaya, is recognized as the traditional dress for women. Though it has been widely used in Java and Bali, it is recognized all over as the women’s traditional blouse-dress. Intricate embroidery and brocades adorn the entire outfit and it is still worn by women even today when attending events like weddings or important gatherings.
Indonesia has its share of small accessories and adornments to make an amazing outfit look even better. For men, a black velvet cap called the peci (similar to the Turkish fez) is the national headdress in the country. Men also have the choice to wear a jas and dasi, or a western-style suit and tie when attending formal meetings and such.
With such diverse choices, the costumes for both men and women of this country sport style while still retaining a comfortable air around them. So when you get a chance to visit Indonesia, look around and take the chance to dress like a local and truly walk in their shoes (or in this case, their clothes).