World Costumes: Bonnets and Buckled Shoes of Switzerland

In the beautiful and refreshing lands of Switzerland, the national clothing of the people has to reflect the beauty of the landscape and the country itself. The colors of these clothes often compose of bright reds, blues and fresh greens on white, making their outfits really pop visually.
For the men, trousers or breeches are often the choices of bottoms. For the top, bright shirts, long-sleeved jackets, and woolen tights or stockings. There is plenty of variety for male outfits across the country, though. The male costumes in the alpine region wear outfits similar to Bavarian clothing (lederhose). For headgear, men will wear short-brimmed hats made of felt or wide-brimmed straw hats in the warmer seasons.
As for the women of Switzerland, their outfits consist of colorful smocked dresses with sleeves that puffed out, tops lined with ribbons, aprons, and lace. Aside from a dress, shirts with puffed up sleeves, a corset, a full skirt, and an apron (which protects the garments underneath during daily tasks) on top of everything is a fine alternative as well. A bodice with lacing can also be worn too. These clothes usually feature floral embroidery to further decorate the already darling look. For headgear, ornate bonnets, brimmed hats, of straw hats are often the staple.
The shoes for both women and men are similar: black or brown slip-on shoes with a large buckle adorning them. Their colorful and simplistic style is ideal for wearing even during hard labor. If you want to see and learn more about this swiss look, why not take give Switzerland a visit and look into these wonderfully vibrant clothes designs for yourself?