15 Food Tips While on the Go

Even if you aren’t a traveling foodie, you can benefit from learning a thing or two about meals while on the go. Don’t know where to start? We give you a few easy tips and tricks anybody can follow so that you can make the most out of any overseas meals and eat right while on an adventure.
  1. Try and grab healthier options during a stop. Taking too much junk foods while on the move may not agree well with your body in the long run.
  2. Plenty of protein intake is important. It’s needed for the structures of red blood cells, repair of body tissues, and the fortification of immunities.
  3. Pack snacks, a lot of snacks. It helps you avoid overspending on pricey airport or bus stop foods and it prevents you from skipping meals when mishaps such as delays arise.
  4. Avoid foods that can make you feel off (spicy, uncooked, or oily options) especially during long hours of travel.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water is essential for any living being, so have some at hand.
  6. Pack your own reusable utensils (bottle, spoon, fork, knife, straw) and help protect mother nature from disposable plastic.
  7. When eating out and you want your food to be cooked in a certain way, don’t hesitate to request for arrangement on ingredients or preparation.
  8. Take it easy on buffet meals. Overeating on a trip can be more disadvantageous than enjoyable in many cases.
  9. Make sure to pack or buy lunch or dinner before a flight. Delays are often inevitable and it pays to have a filling meal while waiting.
  10. Avoid tap water and fresh salads. Not all water sources are filtered and you might ingest a stomach bug that will affect your health.
  11. Research on food culture first. While it may be exciting to try a new cuisine that’s popular on the streets, it’s best to consider too that some meals that are prepared differently may not sit well with your tummy or trigger your allergies or worse gut problems.
  12. Breakfast is king. The first meal of the day is the most important one, so it’s also wise to keep in mind what food to eat before you start going around. Take it easy on the intake, especially when served buffet-style.
  13. Consider staying at a place where you can prepare your food. Traveling can mess up your body system, getting a place that lets you stick to your dietary practice can help keep up with the many changes you’re faced with while away from home.
  14. Steer clear of snacks or drinks high in sodium content like alcohol, which can dehydrate you.
  15. While pre-made meals (like sandwiches) can be convenient, tempting, and easy, it’s best to avoid these since they may have been out in the open longer than we think.