Global News: Avoiding 4th of July Scams, Planning Family Travels, and more!

Avoiding Independence Day Inconveniences and Rip-offs
Independence Day is a big thing for US locals, giving people a reason to plan some travels back home. But with massive demands for airfares and other travel expenses, it’s easy to overlook some red flags when it comes to booking your upcoming adventure. Keep a cool head and keep these handy tips in mind while you set that travel date.
Guided Family Vacations on the Rise
We can't deny that planning family adventures can be tedious and time consuming, so why not let somebody else do it for you? Guided family vacations are starting to trend on the travel scene, with specialists creating well-thought out itineraries that are designed to satisfy each member who is coming along for the ride.
New Rules for New Zealand-bound Travelers
New Zealand is an amazing place to visit and explore, but starting this October a new set of travel rules and regulations will pop up to ensure travel is safer and smoother than ever before. Planning to travel to this wonderful country? Then you’d better learn about the new travel processes and when you can register for them.
2019’s Top-tier Airline List
A new year spells out new lists and ranks for many things, and airlines across the world are no exception. Has your favorite airline climbed the ladder of recognition? Or maybe it’s been overtaken by a newer, more able airline that can serve you better? Seek your favorites and see how well they’ve been doing so far!