Pre-Argentina Adventure Tips

With its overall warm vibe and passionate activities (like tango and futbol), Argentina can be an exciting place to designate as your travel destination. But if you’re new to the scene, there are a bunch of things you might want to know before you set foot on this fantastic country. Keep these fun tips in mind if you’re packing for a future journey to this Latin American country.
All About Change
Unfortunately for the local economy, counterfeit bills are not wholly unheard of. This can make the change in your pocket a godsend in times of need. Nobody will question the validity of your money when you pay in change, saving you unnecessary grilling to prove their worth and the embarrassment of being caught with actual fake bills. Given that credit cards are not accepted everywhere in the country, it’s a good idea to stock up on the actual currency.
Aware of Where You Are
Given that sketchy areas can be in close proximity to the proper tourist areas, it pays to be fully aware of where you are at all times. Make note of the different landmarks across the area you’re staying in and ask some local guides or security guards which areas to avoid. Some prior research weeks or even months before traveling can help you familiarize your surroundings before you even get off the plane.
Taxi Nights
Travel is generally safe and secure for travelers across Argentina, but night time is often when certain rude characters appear. You’ll find people who are rowdy and drunk during the evenings, and men are more often than not compelled to comment on or whistle at women. Interacting with these rowdy characters can be easily avoided if you opt for taxi rides at night if you plan on checking out the nightlife.
Beware of Dog (Droppings)
Dogs, even the stray ones, are often left to their own devices in Argentina. While they do not usually bother people, even if they come in packs, its best to be aware that these four-legged fuzzies are usually free to do as they please. This also means that the occasional doggy doo may be plopped where you least expect it, so always watch where you’re stepping in an area with stray dog packs all over.
Take Your Time
It’s no stretch saying Argentine is a BIG place. It is recognized as one of the largest countries in the world. It definitely pays to plan a longer trip when it comes to taking the time to visit the many attractions and wonders found across this country’s map. You owe it to yourself to fully experience the entirety of this country so you can truly enjoy your journey there.
Keep these helpful facts in mind and you’re sure to have a deeper understanding and enjoyment of this country filled with all kinds of exciting prospects just waiting to be explored.