Resort Feature: Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay

If staying in your room isn’t your idea of a vacation, Boracay’s Crimson Resort & Spa has a variety of activities to explore. In a place like Station Zero, there are so many fun things to choose from.
Paradise has never been closer. The island of Mindoro hides a serene resort tucked away from the busy life of the capital city. Here are four reasons why Friday’s Puerto Galera should be on your next Philippine bucket list.
Beachside exercise
Even with a gym, the poolside area and the shores are equally awesome places to let loose and move your muscles. From special bounce shoe exercises to a sunset yoga session, work out your body in relaxed settings.

Happy Isle hopping.
Renting a speedboat for island hopping is a must-try activity. Depending on the conditions of the waters, you'll be able to check out some fantastic island destinations, like the well-known Puka Beach, that are a quick boat ride away.

Water fun.
What’s a beach resort without some chill water activities? Three different pools are available for your use, each with a different view and special features, like a weekend foam party. If you enjoy natural settings more, maybe snorkeling or rafting is more your style.

Spa Day Foray.
You owe it to yourself to be fully rejuvenated on your vacation. So what better way is there than to indulge in fully-equipped spa facilities? With rooms specialized for various massage services, choose how you’ll let go of the stress and let the pampering begin!

Have an event.
With options available for different functions, why not have your celebration on this exclusive Boracay getaway? With areas available for special occasions, you can plan unforgettable moments in this cozy accommodation.

The only limit to the things you can see and enjoy on your Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay vacation all depends on how much you’re willing to experience what’s available to you!