State of the Week: Hawaii, USA

Who hasn't heard of Hawaii? This grand vacation spot is well known for its sunny weather, local culture, and exciting island exploration for visiting guests. This week, we give this central Pacific destination our focus and learn little tips and facts about it.
Other title(s): Aloha State, Hawaii Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Sandwich Islands
Capital: Honolulu
Most populous city: Honolulu
Current political leader: David Y. Ige (Democrat)
Currency: United States Dollar ($)
Language(s): English and Hawaiian
Major Religion(s): Roman Catholics and Protestants
National Costume: malo or loin cloth for men; pa`u for women
Famous landmarks: Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, Maui Ocean Center, Waimea Canyon, Bishop Museum, Big Beach, Diamond Head State Monument, Haleakala National Park, USS Arizona Memorial, Wailuwa Falls
National Symbol: bird: nene (Hawaiian goose); flower: hibiscus
Movies filmed in Hawaii: Pearl Harbor, Aloha, 50 First Dates, A Perfect Getaway, Jurassic Park franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Tears of the Sun, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Point Break, Soul Surfer
Famous people: Bethany Hamilton, Bruno Mars, Barack Obama, Jason Momoa, Lauren Graham, Maggie Q., Marcus Mariota, Jack Johnson, Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman
Climate: The weather in Hawaii is primarily based off the effects of the high pressure zones in the north, blowing cool and wet winds down the northeast slopes of the isles. This moisture condenses into clouds which then produce rain. The wettest of months often occur between November to March, but due localized weather, the winter rains don't disrupt vacations at all. Even on rainy days, there will always be sunny spots around the islands.
Popular festivals: Merrie Monarch Festival, Aloha Festivals, Ukulele Festival, Kona Slack Key Festival, Hawaii Performing Arts Festival, Prince Lot Hula Festival