Tasty Travels : Chicken Adobo, Philippines

Saucy dishes are often a delightful experience, marinated with all kinds of delicious flavors. From savory sauces to salty dressings, one cannot deny the delight of biting into meat steeped with such juicy flavors. Today’s topic focuses on one of the Philippines most well-known of local dishes: Chicken Adobo.
What is chicken adobo, you may ask? From the name alone, you can figure out it is a chicken dish. But what sets it apart from every other chicken dish out there? Well, chicken adobo is prepared in a certain manner. Before it is cooked, the meat is marinated for a while in a mix of vinegar, soy sauce, and spices, which gives it the signature flavor it is well known for. This is often the traditional way to cook the dish, but there have been many alternative or modern variations with how long the dish has existed. But no matter what it is marinated in, the meat becomes especially flavorful, tender, and tangy. This makes the dish such a delight to sink your teeth into and enjoy on its own or with the staple white rice that Filipinos can’t dine without.
Because of the longevity of the recipe and its deep roots in Filipino culture, it is often considered to be the country’s national dish. But like many things in this world, the dish is not solely a fully Philippine creation but has been inspired by the melting pot of cultures that archipelago has become. It was also born from the need for Filipinos to preserve food as vinegar has been known to make it difficult for bacteria to survive. This innovation led to the creation of one of the country’s most iconic dishes which still continues to be made and served to this day.