Tasty Travels: Lau Lau, Hawaii

We all love our comfort foods. When we have a bad day, we like to sit in the comfiest chair we can find, put on a show we’ve seen a hundred times, and just snack on some ice cream or gobble down a bucket of crispy fried chicken. But in Hawaii, a tasty local alternative is Lau Lau, a traditional leaf-wrapped dish that is full of all kinds of goodness you’ll want to taste for yourself.
The basic components of Hawaiian Lau Lau is meat wrapped in taro leaves, specifically pork butt, and even fish or beef can be added depending on the recipe or preference. The meat is wrapped in a leaf, all in the proper size to wrap around the fare, and then steamed to a delicious meal. Sea salt is a spice often used in this dish.
The dish Lau Lau is a dish that is very rooted to the hawaiian culture. It is the soul food of the local populace and makes for a fine meal that everybody can enjoy. The taro leaf (also known kalo) is an especially essential part of Hawaii’s history of diet and food. The leaf itself is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them a healthy addition to this dish. So next time your decide to spend your vacation in Hawaii, give this dish a try (or order it again if you’ve had it before). This healthy and delicious meal is perfect for when you want to eat like a local.