The Origin of Father's Day

We all can’t help but want to pamper our goofy and lovable dads on Father’s Day every year, but where did this paternal-centric event start? Let’s look back into the origins of the day when Dad’s are reminded that we love them and that they mean something special to their families.
Strangely enough, Father’s Day was not always the fun and loving holiday we all have come to know. Mother’s Day actually came first and paved the way for the parental celebration, but the first ever instance of Father’s Day was far from a happy affair. It was actually a sermon meant to remember the 362 coal miners who had passed away from a workplace explosion. It was literally the only time an event was strictly focused on fathers.
It wasn’t until a woman, Sonora Smart Dodd , aimed to make Father’s day a recognizable holiday. Being one of six siblings raised by a single father, Dodd pushed for fathers to be just as revered as mothers by honoring them with a special day just for them. It only took a year of petitioning in her home state of Washington before the event was christened as a national holiday in 1972 after being officially celebrated in June 19, 1910.
In the 60 years it took to recognize it as a federal holiday, certain ideas and reimaginings for the holiday came to light. During the 20’s and 30’s, it proposed that both Father’s and Mother’s Day would be abolished and replaced with a “Parents Day”. Can you imagine that? Today, Father’s Day is a recognized time for people to think about and show their full appreciation to their father figures. It is celebrated on different days across the world, but it’s all the same where we show our reverence for the loving, goofy, and protective dads of the globe.
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