Travel Boracay the Eco-friendly Way

After the recent successful rehabilitation of the world-famous Boracay island due to the sewage disposal issue, here are ways on how you can help support the sustainable efforts in preserving and protecting this Philippine destination:
  1. Choose eco-hotels or those in compliance with the sewage system standards and are accredited by the Department of Tourism
  2. Pack light. The lighter the travel bag, the lesser fuel consumption of travel vehicles, be it planes, cars, or buses. Thus, creating a huge positive environmental impact.
  3. Bring sustainable items – eco bags, reusable bottles, and utensils. Instead of buying small shampoo sachets, bring your refillable travel bottles.
  4. Leave no trace. Leave nothing but footprints. Make the last place you visit better and cleaner by helping pick up a few pieces of trash or simply practice proper disposal of rubbish. Some join environmentally responsible tour groups.
  5. Support local business. One of the best ways to help and appreciate locals of your destination is through the direct purchase of their services or products - whether it’s buying practical souvenirs such as food or handcrafted items, or availing of tour/activity services.
  6. Skip housekeeping, unless otherwise necessary. Hanging up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door is one of the ways to help minimize consumption of water and energy.