Global News: Ireland Adventures, Lonely Planet's Pick on Best in Asia Pacific, and more!

Ireland Adventures
There’s more to Ireland than just being a small country with a massive population and fascinating culinary classics. Its rich culture and jaw-dropping landscapes are equally worthy of being known across the globe. Check out these interesting points that may draw you to this country on your next European adventure.
Lonely Planet’s Pick: Best in Asia Pacific
Journeying to new and exciting places is what many travelers aim for when it comes to choosing a new journey. We look into some of the highlights on the Asian Pacific side of the world and discover some of the best you can enjoy when it comes to adventures in this region. Discover some of these amazing places and see if they’ll be able to fit themselves in your future adventures!
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Powerful European Passports
Some countries have some amazingly handy passports. They’re able to allow access to multiple countries across the globe without having the need for special visas or documents. But while we know Japan and Singapore are some of the most powerful in the world, having access to 189 countries without needing any extra credentials, what about Europe? We delve into which of the continent’s passports pack the most travel potential.
Traversing France on Rails
Shake things up on your next trip to France. Though it may be a thrill to take the public commute or rent a car, among many other exciting ways, hopping on a train could be a fun, new way to get around in this world-renowned destination, with its dreamy French countryside and several interesting stations to discover and explore.