Global News: Updated Items for Checked, Carry-on Luggage; Europe Travel Tips, and more!

UPDATED List of Items for Carry-on, Check-in
Avoid travel mishaps and breeze through your next airport security with this updated list of items you can, cannot bring, and store in check-in or carry-on, based on the latest changes implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organization.
Tips: Planning Fall Travels to Europe
Look forward to a delightful experience when you travel to Europe this fall. Apart from its impressive architecture and colorful history, irresistible cuisine, and wonderful locals, fall season with its majestic colors makes coming to this continent even more exciting! Make sure that before you travel, take note of these tips that will help you explore your favorite European destination with ease and confidence.
Make Travels with Your Pet Fun and Easy
Bringing along your pet/s with you during travels can be a great experience. Most times they even turn out to be your best travel buddy. Just like humans who travel, pets have their must-haves as well which makes the overall journey for both pet owners and pets a fun, easy and memorable experience. Here’s a checklist of what to prepare for your next adventure with your adorable sidekick.
How Travel Is Good for The Brain
Researchers share their studies on how travel affects people’s mental health. Participants were asked to share their experience after a material and experiential purchase. While both resulted in ranking in happiness, over time the satisfaction of these two experiments showed inverse proportion. Find out how travel can change how your brain functions (and how it can be good).
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