Global News: Virtual Reality Travel Experiences, Audio Adventures Across the Globe, and more!

New age travels for older generations
From video games to museum tours, the world of VR has opened up new possibilities for both young and old people across the world. But in Japan, the magic of virtual reality exists to help the elderly who can't travel anymore to realize the joy and magic of the world beyond the walls of their homes. This technology will help even the eldest of elders discover the fantastic places all across the earth.
Travel do-nots that you can avoid
The world of travel has about as many pitfalls as it does wonders to discover. Surprisingly, though, these mistakes can be easy to fix or avoid if you know what to do. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge can definitely help with skipping over the aggravating negatives of adventuring across the globe.
Audio adventures across the globe
Across the globe, different people enjoy different types of musical genres. From country to jazz, there are so many amazing sounds to explore and discover. But where are some of the best places to travel to if you’re seeking these specialized sounds? It’s worth checking out these amazing countries and the vast well of musical knowledge they contain.
Freedom to travel for Saudi females
A step forward for the women of Saudi was made recently when plans to ease the law where females had to get consent from their “male guardian” before being allowed to travel internationally were made. Slowly, the usually restrictive government in that part of the world is trying its best to try to elevate the female gender to a higher status after centuries of government-approved male dominance.