Global Tours: Travel flicks that remind you of summer trips, High-speed space travel, and more!

Travel flicks that remind you of summer trips
Nothing fuels our passion for travel than getting hooked on movies that showcase all things adventure - from unplanned journeys to jaw-dropping locations and life-changing experiences. If you don’t wanna go through all the organization and spending for a getaway, this list of movies offers the same fun and excitement of the season while allowing you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your own favorite place with family or friends.
High-speed space travel may be the future of transportation
We all know space travel is an amazing product of multiple years of research, but what if that same space travel could speed your multi-day travel flights to an hour. That’s what Virgin Airlines is aiming to do with its new space port in South England. With these new methods of travel being researched, who knows what the future of global transportation could be in the future.
Japan encourages travel insurance
Travel insurance may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to travel planning, but getting it may not only be beneficial to you but to the countries you’ll be visiting as well. Japan has been especially vocal about urging tourists to buy insurance due to the big effect these high number of unpaid medical bills. Because of careless travels, even the medical system of Japan has been greatly affected in a negative way.
Lake locations in Europe you might wanna check out
Choosing lakes, with charming backdrops of sierras instead of beaches, for your next must-see list in Europe. Sounds like a fantastic idea right? For a change, check out this list of recommended spots across this continent which you can include in your summer bucket list.