Resort Feature: Fridays Puerto Galera

Paradise has never been closer. The island of Mindoro hides a serene resort tucked away from the busy life of the capital city. Here are four reasons why Friday’s Puerto Galera should be on your next Philippine bucket list.

Getting to Friday’s is an easy and exciting journey. One of the ways to reach the resort is through a one-hour boat ride from Berberabe Port in Batangas.

“Here at Friday’s Puerto Galera we welcome you to the pristine waters in the middle of the UNESCO-protected clustered island we can be reached by land and by sea for about 4 hours from manila." - Noel Ingles, General Manager
Apart from the convenience of being a beachfront resort, Fridays also features swimming pools - one for a fun, relaxing dip, and a 12-ft diving pool for classes. Friday’s also boasts the fastest internet connection on the island, ideal for business trips.

The seaside bar and grill restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious meals and vibrant, thirst-quenching cocktails, promising guests a gastronomic journey. Look forward to a twist in their dishes like the fried chicken adobo, and “sinuglaw”, grilled pork belly with ceviche and mango. The ingredients are locally sourced keeping the dishes fresh and irresistible.

Nestled in an area of exclusivity, guests can get in touch with nature and forget all their worries. Friday’s features 24 luxurious rooms designed to be homey and rustic, offering different types of views. From comfy king-sized beds to spacious bathrooms, there’s definitely a relaxed and refreshing vibe to your stay.

Turn your island holiday dreams into reality with Fridays Puerto Galera: