Tasty Travels: Milkshake, U.S.A.

Dairy has become a big part of food history since the days of old when people first began to extract milk from certain livestock. From a creamy glass of warm milk to a tasty wedge of cheese, this classification of food has seen many uses throughout the years. One of the popular US dishes that is all about the dairy-usage is an old favorite in the 80’s… milkshakes.

The milkshake is, in its simplest form a delicious mix of drink and snack. One part is vanilla ice cream (around 4 cups), vanilla extract, sugar, and, of course, milk! But even the plainest of this drink-dessert hybrid is versatility of its toppings. Salty snacks, crumbled cookies, chocolate syrup are just some examples of how diverse you can make this simple yet filling diner staple.
But where did it all begin? The origins of the humble milkshake date back to 1885 when the drink was first conceived as an eggnog-type of drink with some whiskey mixed in. A decade later, however, the alcoholic version was overtaken by the regular milkshake flavored with syrups of chocolate, strawberry, etc. All milkshakes were hand-stirred giving them a much different texture from the soft, whipped, machine-blended versions we have these days. The inclusion of ice cream was an innovation discovered in 1922 In a Walgreens, creating the first malted milkshake. By the 50’s, the popularity of milkshakes were at an all-time high, being features in every diner, soda fountain, and burger joints. Today, the milkshake continues to thrive in these modern times with even more flavors and toppings combinations than ever! Why not look for a milkshake place near you and enjoy that silky and delicious milk drink.