Tasty Travels: Samgyeopsal, South Korea

A lot of people love their meat dishes, from thick steaks to juicy burgers. Even Asian countries like Japan or Thailand have their takes on meat dishes with a local twist. South Korea is one such country with meat dishes that have their specific names. One of these is Samgyeopsal, a tasty food dish made of pork.
What is samgyeopsal exactly? A basic description of this is grilled pork belly. It is made of pork belly (fresh or pre-sliced and frozen), green onions, soy sauce, sugar, sesame seed, sesame oil, some veggies, and hot pepper flakes. If the pork belly hasn’t been cut yet, slice them into thin strips and keep them refrigerated. Heat your grill plate or pan, place the strips of pork on it and let it cook. Once they get a bit crispy, you can flip them over and then place them on a small plate once both sides are crispy (but don’t stop cooking new strips while you eat the finished product on the plate). For a small side dish, green onions are prepared. The soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sugar, and hot pepper flakes are then mixed in a bowl and poured on the green onions to make a refreshing salad.
It is said that the rise of Samgyeopsal heightened in the 1980s, with pork cuts becoming cheaper and portable gas burners suddenly became a thing. Outings and get-togethers from then on would include this dish on the menu. With its steady popularity and the evolution of the culinary horizons for Korea over time, from the way its cut to the type of sauce it is paired with. Why not seek out this tasty food item the next time you head towards South Korea.