Traveling with Pets

People who have pets can agree that their fuzzy friends are some of the most important living creatures in their lives. Some may even liken them as their children, brothers, or even partners for life. This makes the tricky world of pet travels a little hard to navigate, especially if you REALLY need to bring your little friends with you. Here are some important things to remember the next time you’re on a long journey with your animal soulmates.
Prep the pet
Much like how travelers have to keep themselves mentally and physically ready for the adventures ahead, you’ll have to prep your pets as well. See if they’re in tip-top shape for the journey, learn if moving vehicles or noisy crowds distress them, and make sure they have the right tools and accessories for wherever it is you’ll be heading off too.
Proper carriers
Aside from bringing things like boots or jackets for winter, you can also opt to get your pet a comfy carrier that is sturdy enough to handle the roughness that some travel destinations have. You’ll have to balance a compact size with enough space to allow your little charge to easily move into a comfy position.
Get them used to it
Okay, so you’ve got your aircraft approved carrier that’s just the perfect size for your pet. Ready for travel, right? Not necessarily. Getting a carrier that's perfect for an animal companion is just step 1. Step 2 is getting them used to staying there for long periods. Try feeding them inside the pet carrier and let them get used to being inside of it.
Advanced room booking
As you might expect, not all hotels are pet-friendly and the few accommodations that do allow them may have limited rooms that allow the animal to roam freely. Looking for the right hotel may take time and by then it will already have been booked. Knowing where to look and who to ask can streamline your and your pets booking experience.
Contacts on collars
You never know when you and your precious little one might suddenly be separated. Give yourself some peace of mind by giving your dog a proper tag with their name and a number the finder can use to contact you. If you want to easily find your pet, a microchip is a pricey but better way to look for your pet should they get lost.
When it comes to the animal friends closest to you and your plans to travel together, it's always good to read up on how you can make travels easier on both you and them. Once you’ve got enough info, you’ll be able to travel a lot easier even with animals in tow.