Germany Travels: Things to Remember

When it comes to European travels, it can be easy to get swept up by the excitement. We sometimes forget that other countries can seem like totally different worlds. That may be the case to some people when they visit Germany, a well-known European country that is definitely on the map for many travel enthusiasts. Here are some quick tips to help acclimate you to the german way.
Avoid fashionable lateness
Punctuality is a big thing for Germans, so if you miss a bus or a stop or a reservation, you really won’t have anybody to blame but yourself. Always be aware of the time and try to leave for engagements at least 20-30 minutes earlier. Use the extra time to check if you’ve left your hotel room key or even enjoy a bit of personal sightseeing instead of panicking and rushing.
No credit cards
Many, if not almost all, stores may not be able to accept your credit card so easily. With this in mind, always plan ahead when it comes to expenses and when you withdraw physical money from your account. Make sure your wallet is fully equipped with a sizeable amount of money in case you need to buy something out of the blue.
Sunday blues
In conjunction with the previous advice, always buy some supplies before Sunday rolls in. Stores often close on that day, barring any chances of you enjoying a delicious local shopping trip. Restaurants and cafes, however, remain open, but expect lots of people to have the same idea if you decide to dine out.
Quest for a restroom
Public restrooms are an important place for travelers, but the ones in Germany often come at a price… literally. Many public bathrooms have a small fee to use them, but thats justified because the money is most likely used to clean and maintain them (or at least pay the janitors cleaning them). Always bring change with you in case of a sudden need for a bathroom break.
Voice volume at low in public
Germany’s public areas are peculiarly quiet, so try to avoid drawing attention to yourself by being “too loud”. Always keep your voice down, especially if you’re talking to somebody on your phone or if you’re having an interesting conversation with your travel buddies. If you don’t, some of the locals may shoot you a few looks and you might not even realize why.
Germany is definitely worth the visit, so always be aware of these quick tips and basic facts so your excitement isn’t suddenly derailed by confusion or embarrassment. It really pays to do a bit research when you plan to explore countries outside of your own.