Global News: Arizona Attractions, Eco-friendly Elephant Sighting tips, and more!

See the best sights of Arizona
It’s no surprise that Arizona has its own set of charms that can make it worthy of your photographs and instagram feed. But even among the wonders sprinkled about, some sights are just more worthy of you attention. Find out which breathtaking wonder Arizona is proud about.
Be amazed by Africa
From its sunny plains to the wide variety of wildlife, Africa has always been considered an exotic place to travel to. But there’s more to the continent than just animals and landscapes. Much like how the goodness of people are often found under their physical features, the true African experience can be found under all the physically attractive attributes as well.
Eco-friendly elephant sighting tips
Elephants may be some of the biggest land mammals in the world, but their size can’t protect them from humans, especially when it comes to poaching or enslaving them at such an early age. One way tourists can help is by promoting humane and natural ways of viewing these gentle giants rather than paying a fee to watch these endangered creatures struggle in shows or by buying elephant-based products.
Go green for your next adventure
Even as you read this article, global warming continues to alter and even ruin the all natural world mother nature gave to us human beings. But big gestures of eco-friendliness isn’t always what the world needs. Sometimes the smallest of actions done by millions of people (like travelers) often make the biggest of impacts.