Global News: Vibrant Drone Photos, Keeping Air Scares in Check, and more!

Eye in the sky: travel pics from above
Drones. These flying camera robots have become a media trend in the last few years. With so many angles covered by multiple videographers over the years, there was no way to go but up… literally. It’s blown up in use so much that there were even awards given to some of the most stunning and interesting bird-eye view photos out there.
How to keep scares in the air in check
Flying has always been an interesting yet scary thought to many of the common folk who are very much used to the ground. How do you get something so huge, heavy, and metallic to stay in the air? But after knowing what you’re afraid of, the next best step is trying to find out how you can cope with the unease in your gut.
Travelers of color becoming more seen
In some countries, like Vietnam, seeing a person of color with dark skin traveling can be a surprising thing. To the locals, it could be a very surprising or rare occurrence. This also shows that not all the world has been exposed to a large variety of races across the globe. But for black travelers, the movements to show the world that a POC can explore the globe too has been gaining some good momentum.
Travel: how we can learn from it
We all know school is the go-to place to gain knowledge about the world around us, but studying solely from a book can only take you so far when it comes to practical life skills and knowledge. Exposing yourself to fresh and different environments, however, not only allow you to expand your mind but live that knowledge out in the real world as well.