La Tomatina: A Saucy Food Fight Festival

Who doesn't like the zesty, bright red berry known as the tomato? They can be added to so many tasty dishes like salads, burgers, pizzas, or omelettes. But the people of the Valencian town of Buñol in Spain love them so much that they use it in a special festival once a year, on the last Wednesday of August. But the way they 'use' the tomatoes might not be what you expect.
You know what a food fight is, right? Well, imagine a town-sized version where the only ammunition you have on hand are carts and carts of big, red, juicy tomatoes. That’s what La Tomatina is. People from all across Spain head over to this place to take part in this huge annual event.
This frenzied but relatively fast event starts at 11 am, where a ham is placed on top of a long greased up pole within the town square. When somebody manages to grab the ham, people can begin to toss tomatoes at each other. The result is always a saucy mess of seeds, juice, and a LOT of red. Of course, there are certain rules to ensure that the festival is safe and fun for everybody like how you shouldn’t bring hard objects with you or how you shouldn’t grab onto people’s clothes.
While there is no solid proof of how the festival came to be, the event has been enjoyed and celebrated since 1944 (then banned for a short while before it was revived around the 1970s). This proves that the event is well-loved and has stood the test of time. So what about you, dear reader? Will you add a big tomato food fight to your bucket list?