State of the Week: Oregon, USA

The diverse Oregon landscape can range from thick, green forests to rough coastline destinations. There's so much diversity to be found for tourists who decide to visit this interesting US destination.
Other title(s): Beaver State
Continent: United States
Capital: Salem
Most populous city:Portland
Current political leader: Katherine (Kate) Brown (Democrat)
Currency: United States dollars (US$)
Language(s): English
Major Religion(s): Christian
Famous landmarks: Crater Lake National Park, Columbia River Highway, Cascade Lake Highway, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Astoria Column, Columbia River Maritime Museum, Washington Park, Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
National Symbol: Oregon grape (state flower); western meadowlark (state bird)
Movies filmed in Oregon: Oregon grape (state flower); western meadowlark (state bird)
Famous people: Mat Groening, Elliot Smith, Courtney Love, Tonya Harding
Climate: Much like its varying landscape, the local climate is usually very temperate with a regular rate of weather changes. There are areas that are known for their heavy rainfall and wet seasons while other areas have less precipitation and drier seasons. Of course, in between those areas are places with moderate climates as well.
Popular festivals: Bricks Cascade, Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival, SLUG Queen Pageant, Estacada Timber Festival, Holiday Ale Festival, Retro Gaming Expo, Oregon's Alpenfest, Cannon Beach Sandcastle Contest, Giant Pumpkin Regatta, Faerieworlds