Tasty Travels: Kare-kare, Philippines

Filipino dishes often use ingredients that can be locally sourced and are usually a tasty mix of vegetables and meat. One of these iconic Philippine dishes are the traditional Kare-kare, with beef, veggies, and many other delicious ingredients you can find in the Philippines.
So what is Kare-kare? Basically, it’s a stew that has a delicious balance of veggies like string beans, bok choy, banana blossoms and eggplants. As for the meat, a mix of beef, oxtail while other ingredients include shrimp paste (bagoong) as an accompaniment and peanut sauce. These all come together in a tasty bowl of flavorful goodness that any Filipino can get behind on.
The dish has had a varied telling of where it originated from, with some saying that the name originated from the Indian word “curry”, It was only served during the start of the Spanish era, and some say the Japanese were the ones who spurred the creation of this delightful soup. It is also notable for its use of various cuts of beef that are not usually consumed by some countries in the west, such as oxtail. This along with many other elements make this a unique kind of dish to prepare that truly has a Filipino feel to it.