Tipping Tips for Travelers

If you’re familiar with fine dining, you may be aware that tipping is often something that is done while you pay for your meals. But while you travel, there are multiple instances where some tipping might be expected. So how can you learn about tipping when it comes to travel? Just follow these easy-to-follow tips that might help the next time you travel.
Smaller bills help
It will definitely be a lot easier for you to tip if you have smaller bills with you at all times. It also helps if you don’t want to make smaller purchases as you don’t have to have that awkward wait time while trying to get change for your giant bills. Always have $10s, $20s, or $50s at hand.
Base on the meal cost
When figuring out a tip, it’s usually based off the total cost of the meal, minus the tax. You don’t have a responsibility towards what is being paid towards the government, but you do have a responsibility to the meal you just ate and the service that came with it.
Stay in your range
Don’t try to pay more than you can manage, even if it makes people think you’re stingy. Traveling itself is an expensive venture, so if you continue to follow the usual 20% paying rule, you might find yourself losing a bit of money. This is especially true if all your meals involve restaurant hopping. You decide how much you want to leave based on the food and service.
Stop Tip Shaming
Don’t bring your complaints about the service of the restaurant online nor announce out in the open internet how you won’t be tipping the servers. You will always look like an entitled bad guy and it does nothing for your service either. Instead, if you have a problem with your dining experience, talk to the manager or give a formal yet firm complaint to your server.
Tip in the local currency
It’s not easy for you or the server to pay in foreign currency (currency from your home country). It just makes more work for you both. Sometimes the currency you’re familiar with will not be accepted so you’ll have to have the money changed. Same case for the server in question who takes the tip. Make sure you tip with the currency of the country your staying in to save everybody the trouble.
Tipping may seem complicated when explained, but it's all just giving a little extra service to doormen, restaurant servers, spa treatments, etc. Figure out how you want to go about paying these tips, but keep these helpful tips in mind as well.
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