Travel Treats: German Schnitzel, Germany

Take a bite out of a savoury German delicacy when you order a plate of schnitzel. This fried dish is definitely a must try and even has a variety of differences based on the type of meat used. Wienerschnitzel, for example, is a dish more familiar within the Austrian region and is made of veal. The usual schnitzel of Germany is made of pork. Let’s learn more about this interesting dish.
As mentioned before, schnitzel is of Austrian origin. But there has been some question as to the true origin of the dish. It is said that two different branches of the regal Hapsburg family claim to be the origin source behind its creation. While it is called schnitzel in Austria, it is known as Cotoletta Milanese in Italian. The Italian counterpart claims that the dish was served in a banquet in the year 1134 within Milan’s St. Ambrigo Cathedral.
In its basic form the usual Schnitzel is a thin cut of meat that is breaded and fried on a pan. To cook it, you’ll need thinly sliced pork chops, flour, milk, eggs, salt, bread crumbs, oil, black pepper, and a wedge of lemon. While it may seem simple enough, it takes special care and attention to fry this type of food just right. If you’re ever visiting Germany, order yourself some schnitzel and take a bite of this meaty little wonder.