Updated List of Prohibited Items When Traveling

It’s important to know what can and can’t be brought during your next flight. Recently, an updated list of items that may not be allowed during your next adventure. Be informed so you don’t lose your favorite items unexpectedly during your check-in at the airport. We list some of the categories of updated items that will be prohibited from being brought with you during your travels.
Sharp point or edged items
It should be obvious why these items wouldn’t be allowed onboard an airplane. With potential to become deadly weapons, it would be best to leave sharp objects at home instead of making you a target of suspicion from the authorities. Some of the added items to this list include letter/bottle openers, fishing hook, throwing/ninja stars, box cutters, and corkscrews.
Worker tools
Much like the previously stated category, these items also pose a possible threat to you or the people riding the plane if not used properly. You may be surprised that these items can do some damage if used irresponsibly. These items include crowbars, pliers, retractable tape measure, and hammers.
Explosive/incendiary substances and devices
As if riding a plane and turbulence isn’t enough of a worry for some flyers, the potential dangers of explosive compounds on the plane is the cherry to this anxiety-filled cake. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bringing these volatile items. Items under this category include batteries/power banks, flares, replica or imitation explosive devices, and fuels (cooking fuel or any flammable liquid).
Devices that discharge projectiles
As if potential weapons weren’t bad enough, actual weapons are even worse! Firearms are definitely a big no-no on a plane (unless you have permission and the paperwork for it). Even toys which aren’t all that dangerous may incite panic that can be deadly in such an enclosed space. Things that you cannot bring include any air guns, toy guns (may depend on country), paintball equipment, any firearm component, and pellet guns.
Toxic or chemical substances
Once again, compounds that may be scientific or medical in nature but contain items that may be dangerous to most humans may have to be left back at home if you plan to fly to another destination. These include oxidizing substance and organic peroxide (i.e. fertilizer, bleach, sulfur), radioactive materials (medical or commercial use), corrosive substances (e.g. acid, battery acid, sulfuric acid, muriatic acid), and other miscellaneous but dangerous goods (e.g. dry ice, lithium battery).
Other add-ons
A few other items you might miss were also added on. This list contains items such as insect repellent spray (chemicals), vinegar (corrosives), paint (flammable items), lighters (flammable), arrows/darts (bladed/pointed), disguised/improvised firearm (projectile discharge), hand/thumb cuffs (worker tool), air tanks for diving (blunt instruments), hover boards and similar items (work tools), batteries/power banks (incendiary), e-cigarettes (incendiary), and e-lighters (incendiary).
It always pays to stay safe and get on the good side of the authorities. Learning about these prohibited items and planning ahead of time can really save you the trouble and headaches that come with bringing items that could not and should not be allowed on a family-friendly flight.