Country of the Week: Madagascar

Madagascar is an island country that has its own sets of cultural practices, culture, and more. With rich wildlife and hardy plant life, It's definitely an interesting environment to explore.
Continent: Africa
Capital: Antananarivo
Most populous city: Antananarivo
Language(s): Malagasy
Current political leader: Andry Rajoelina, President
Currency: Malagasy ariari
Major Religions: Ancestral worship
National costume: Lamba
National symbol: Animal: Ring-tailed lemur Coat of Arms: A map of the island in a white circle, a head of Zeku under, green and red rays likened to a sun's above
Famous landmark: Avenue of Boababs, Tsingy of Bemaraha, Isalo National Parkl, Ranomafana National Park, Royal Hill of Ambohimanga
Famous people: Nicole Ramalalanirina, Ninie Doniah, Radama I, Jean Tholix
Climate: From November to April, the season is identified as the hot, wet seasons. The cooler, dry seasons are extend from May towards October. It's during the hot and humid season that the moonsoon season occurs, bringing heavy doses of rain to the country.
Popular festivals: Alahamadi Be, Martyrs’ Day, Santabary Festival, Donia Music Festival, Feria Oramena, Hiragasy