Global News: Asian Adventures for Women, Royal Couple Flying Commercial, and more!

Female-friendly Asian Adventures for 2019
Women who are afraid of traveling alone won’t need to worry too much anymore when they plan to explore the expanse of Asia. There are now destinations designated welcoming for women travelers so they can enjoy and focus more on the journey ahead!
Royal Couple Meghan and Harry Fly Commercial
After some criticism about their use of a private jet (despite their stance in environmental protection), the royal couple of the Prince and the Duchess of Sussex have decided to ride commercial on their journey to Africa. The reason for making their trip to the country? A goodwill journey for "community, grassroots leadership, women's and girls' rights, mental health, HIV/AIDs and the environment."
Travel Experiences You’ll Love Looking Back On
Sometimes, travel isn’t all about being in the moment. Taking a trip and experiencing things can also be about making memories which you’ll look back into and remember fondly on. Experiencing your first mountain hike, trekking through an untamed jungle for the first time, and the like are great activities that can become precious stories you can look back on fondly.
Europe by the Tracks
Even with the wonders of travel like airplanes and cruise ships, sometimes taking the slow, sight-filled route is sometimes a better course of action when it comes to vacation travels. Taking to the tracks when exploring Europe might just be what you need to make your travel adventures an exciting endeavor.