Global News: Exquisite World Chocolate, Filipino Female Pilots Needed, and more!

Discover the top-grade chocolate on a global scale
Not many can resist the sweet allure of delicious and creamy chocolate bar. The mix of milk, sugar, and cacao, the most important ingredient, is what makes these delicious treats for you to snack on. But where in the world is the most delicious chocolate located? A location in the Amazon might just be that location.
Fly with more female Filipino pilots
With diminishing numbers of pilots expected in the coming years, aviation schools are making sure people know that anybody can apply for flight school, not just men. With more female applicants, the future of flying will definitely look promising.
Explore festive European autumn eating and drinking
Get your pens and papers at the ready because you’ll want to list down these amazing fall time festivities, especially if you’re a foodie. Check out these amazing must-try events that will satisfy you as a tourist while also satisfying your hunger.
Amazing exploration while in Australia
Explore the many ways you can see the sights in Australia through the many different methods of travel available. Whether you're making your way on foot, riding a locomotive, or getting to where you are via ship, there are definitely a lot of great ways you can explore this exciting Land Down Under.