Global News: Fun Travel Facts, Photography Tips and more!

Fun travels facts to tickle your inner adventurer
Curious about the most expensive hotel room you can rent for hundreds of thousands of dollars a night? What about some of the most visited museums across the globe? It’s fun facts like these that really grab the interests of travelers across the globe. Curious to find out some fun global travel facts for yourself?
Tips for the budding travel photographer
One thing the travelers of today can’t help but taking during their travels? Photos. Lots and lots of photos. But not all of us were born travel photographers and might need a bit of help when it comes to taking your vacation snapshots. Get some quick and helpful advice from the pros.
Ways you can avoid being pickpocketed
Finding out your DSLR camera, cellphone, or wallet has been swiped while on your dream vacation can be a nightmare. Finding your precious valuables are lost forever can really bring a damper to any travel adventure. To avoid this, you must learn the ways to stop becoming a vulnerable target for those sticky fingers while out and about on your holiday.
British travel companies look down on elephant riding activities
Animal interaction while traveling might seem innocent at first glance, but we never truly know if illegal and inhumane acts are being practiced on these poor creatures of the wild. The travel companies in Britain are especially adamant about banning the riding of elephants while on holiday, a practice that has been proven to negatively impact the creatures at an emotional level while still young. Would you ride on a poor animal that’s been abused all its life?